Monday, January 28, 2008

Why bother?

I came across the grab bar install shown in the photo the other day. Unfortunately, I did not have someone with me who could have sat in the tub and shown the impracticality of this installation. If you are lying in this tub, to try and use this bar your arms are high and above the plane of your shoulder which makes it impossible to gain leverage—believe me, I tried it. And, the grab bar is almost useless for getting down into the tub—probably a good thing because once you get down there it is not going to help you get back up. The bar also offers no support to someone showering.

This installation (in a hotel room) is clearly something that was done to meet at requirement or policy (or a desire to not obstruct the soap dish) without regard for the actual benefit of the user. Worthless—someone who knew what they were doing could have easily specified or installed the bars in a position that would have been more likely to be beneficial. Does anyone see a practical aspect here that I am missing? Or is this just a waste of stainless steel?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another reason to like Hawaii

I'll admit, Hawaii is one of my favorite vacation spots and we are planning to get back there this winter. But in addition to great views, warm water and tropical breezes, I came across this bit of news from the Aloha state that makes me like it all the better. Govenor Linda Lingle has proposed several tax relief meassures, one of which definitely relates to what I talk about all the time:

Aging in Place Tax Credit

To make it easier and more practical for seniors to stay in their own homes or with their family, the Administration is proposing a refundable tax credit of up to 50 percent of the costs to modify a personal residence to accommodate an aging or disabled family member. Examples of qualifying expenditures include grab bars in a shower or bathtub, ramps or inclines, and larger doorways for wheelchairs. The maximum credit would be $2,500 for a single taxpayer or $5,000 for a married couple. The tax credits would save residents $8 million per year.

Can we look to other states to be forward looking in this area? Or at least play catch-up?

Link to Governor Lingle's proposal